DAD students demanded the mandatory incorporation of mental health

“Contrary to what the UNCuyo authorities have said in the media, our protest was held exclusively to ask for explanations of how yesterday – Thursday – the university decided not to suspend classes in the afternoon shift, and also to demand the incorporation of mental health into our curricula. In this sense, at the beginning of the sit-in, everyone present was asked to take the floor and tell us how you feel“, they highlighted in the statement.

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The DAD Student Center asked that mental health be included in all the University’s colleges.

And they added: “In the middle of the morning, when the protest was still going on, we met authorities of the Student Center and representatives of the courses, with directors of our institution and the university. Mariana Barrozo, person in charge of DIGES, participated in said meeting. We express to Mariana our deep anger, sadness and rage for the lack of empathy they had yesterday, and we demand the implementation of mental health in our schools on a continuous and mandatory basis“.

Young agreed to make a formal proposal for said incorporation, which will have a maximum term of reply on monday afternoon.

We are deeply grateful to the six student centers that joined this fight by making protests in their schools., and particularly CELAE, who accompanied us in our sit-in on Friday. We students do not lower our arms and we are still fighting: mental health in schools now!“, they completed in writing.


They expect the authorities to give them an answer next Monday.

They expect the authorities to give them an answer next Monday.

The fact

On thursday morning several DAD students were shocked after a 15-year-old girl fell from several meters high.

The authorities activated the protocol, while the girl was treated and transferred to the Notti hospital, where she remains hospitalized in good general condition.

Despite this tremendous situation that affected many of the boys, the authorities decided that the classes would continue during the afternoon of Thursday and also this Friday, with professionals and experts to address this situation.

This was what bothered the boys, so on the morning of this Friday they decided not to enter the classrooms and hold a protest, which was seen as a space for reflection necessary to build together with them.

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