Curitiba surpasses Maringá and wins the first in the Women’s Superliga

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The first victory! For the seventh round of the women’s Superliga of the current season, Curitiba won the first game of the season. On Thursday night (25), playing away from home, the team beat Maringá by 3 sets to 1 and left the lantern of the competition classification. Iza, from the Curitiba team, was elected the best of the match and won the VivaVôlei trophy.

-Table of the Women’s Volleyball Superliga 2021/2022

In this Thursday’s match, Maringá and Curitiba played an equal duel most of the time. Due to the equality of both sides, the definition of victory was left to the final part of each of the partials and the team from Curitiba won. The standout in scoring in the match was Natália, from Maringá, with 16.

With the result, Curitiba reached three points and rose to the 11th place overall in the Women’s Volleyball Superliga. Maringá, on the other hand, remained with quato and is the tenth. The team from Curitiba, Praia Clube, at home, next Thursday (2). The team from Maringá returns to the court on December 9, when it visits Barueri.


Teams in the Women’s Superliga

In women’s competition, Brasília Volleyball (DF), Curitiba Volleyball (PR), Dentil/Praia Clube (MG), Pinheiros (SP), Fluminense (RJ), Itambé/Minas (MG), Osasco São Cristóvão Saúde (SP), Country Club Valinhos (SP), Unilife-Maringá (PR), Barueri Volleyball Club (SP), Sesc RJ Flamengo (RJ) and Sesi Vôlei Bauru (SP).

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