Curitiba starts vaccination against Covid-19 of children aged 5 to 11 on Monday

Families from 5 to 11 years old from Curitiba can start planning: Curitiba will start vaccinating against covid-19 for children in this age group as of Monday (1/17). The first doses will be for priority groups, starting with bedridden, institutionalized, indigenous and quilombola children. The teams of the Municipal Health Department (SMS) go to the places where the small ones of this group are for the application.

Photo: Ricardo Marajo/SMCS

On Tuesday (1/18), childhood immunization continues with children aged 9 to 11 years with permanent disabilities and with comorbidities, who will receive the immunizing agent in ten exclusive Health Units for the vaccination of children, according to the stock of doses. .

“It is with great happiness that we receive the news of the arrival in Paraná of ​​the vaccines that will protect our curitibinhas. The success and efficiency of the immunizing agent against covid-19 for children is yet another victory for Science. Curitiba is ready to vaccinate our little ones, for the tranquility of the city’s families”, said Mayor Rafael Greca.

Curitiba defined the initial schedule following the recommendation of the National Immunization Plan (PNI), of the Ministry of Health, for the prioritization of doses and still without knowing the amount of immunizations and supplies destined for the city in the first batch sent by the ministry.

The first doses of Pfizer’s pediatric immunizer arrived in Brazil this Thursday (1/13), were passed on to the state government on Friday morning (1/14), which delivered the doses to SMS in the late afternoon. Curitiba received, in this first batch, 9,870 doses, enough for the groups called for these first two days. In all, the estimate is that the city has 164,821 children between 5 and 11 years old.

next calls

The new calls for children will be staggered, in descending order of age and will be informed through the official channels of the Prefecture, depending on the receipt of new batches of vaccine by the municipality.

Children who turn 12 years old after receiving the first dose must complete the vaccine cycle with the same immunizing agent.

prepared teams

Curitiba defined the logistics to vaccinate the curitibinhas, who will receive a vaccine produced especially for children. Therefore, health professionals who are going to make the applications, who already have expertise in this task, are since Thursday (1/13) in update training, for specific doses for the population from 5 to 11 years old.

Photo: Ricardo Marajo/SMCS

SMS is also already in contact with the places in the city that shelter institutionalized children, indigenous people and quilombolas to schedule the extramural application (where users are) of the immunizing agent.

Likewise, it has already started contacting the families of children aged between 5 and 11 who are bedridden and receiving care from SUS Curitibano to schedule an appointment. Family members or guardians of bedridden children assisted in the private network will be able to report this condition through the Saúde Já app (further guidance, below, in Required documentation).

Vaccination points

In addition to training 180 health professionals to immunize the little ones, SMS has already defined where it will proceed with their immunization.

After the extramural vaccination of the first group – bedridden, institutionalized, indigenous and quilombola children -, Curitiba will have ten exclusive Health Units to vaccinate the population aged 5 to 11 years against covid-19, separating the flow of anti-covid vaccination from adults. See the list of units below.

The pediatric vaccine

The pediatric Pfizer vaccine will be applied to curitibinhas in two doses, with an interval of eight weeks between applications – as in adults – for the complete vaccination schedule.

However, the pediatric version of the immunizer has specificities such as dosage, composition, storage period, dilution management and different input guidelines in relation to the immunizer for people over 12 years old.

The vaccine bottle for children will have a different color from that applied to adults, it should be orange, a strategy adopted to help health professionals when applying the vaccine. Each dose should be 0.2ml.

Documentation required

– For all children
It is necessary for the child to be registered in the Saúde Já application, including him/her as a dependent. Registration is necessary for the vaccine to be registered in the electronic system of the Municipal Health Department and in the child’s vaccination card. This register also contributes to a better flow of vaccination in the Health Units, which speeds up the flow of vaccination, allows the immediate inclusion of the dose received in the vaccination card and the estimation of the date for the second dose.

On the day of vaccination, a family member or guardian must accompany the child to sign the consent form. A photo identification document, proof of residence in the name of the person responsible for the child must be presented.

– Bedridden children
Children aged 5 to 11 years bedridden in beds served by the SUS Curitibano will have their dose scheduled from a telephone contact between the SMS teams and family members*.

Those who are bedridden and are cared for by the private network can inform this condition to SMS via the Saúde Já Curitiba application – it is necessary to update the version of the application in virtual stores for Android or iOS platforms – or through the website.

For children of this age group who are bedridden and cared for in beds in the private network, parents and guardians will be able to notify this situation from the little one to SMS via the Saúde Já Curitiba application starting this Friday (1/13) – just download the update in the app stores for Android or iOS – or through the website , choosing the option “Beded Patient”.

– Children with comorbidities
Children with comorbidities (Check the list of comorbidities here), included for prioritization in the National Immunization Plan served by SUS, must be registered in the Saúde Já application to receive, on Monday (1/17) the call for vaccination, via message in the application itself.

Children with comorbidities treated in the private network must submit a statement issued by the doctor who accompanies them, according to the model available for these professionals on the CRM-PR website.

– Permanent disability

For children between 5 and 11 years of age in this group, a family member or guardian must present a document proving this condition, such as an Urbs exempt transport card for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (identified with the letter “I” in the upper right corner); Identity Card (RG) issued from 2019 with the indication “Person with Disabilities”; Statement by the doctor accompanying the children, in the model available to these professionals on the CRM-PR website, with the indication of Permanent Disability


Start of vaccination of children against covid-19 in Curitiba

  • 1/17 (Monday) – Vaccination of bedridden children aged 5 to 11, institutionalized children, indigenous people and quilombolas

*Extramural vaccination: SMS teams go to the sites for the application of the first dose of pediatric Pfizer

  • 1/18 (Tuesday) – Vaccination of children aged 9 to 11 with comorbidities or permanent disability

*Extramural vaccination for bedridden children and vaccination in Health Units for children with comorbidities or disabilities.

Exclusive Health Units for vaccination against covid-19 of children 5 to 11 years old

From 8 am to 5 pm, from 1/18

Bairro Novo Sanitary District
Nossa Senhora Aparecida Health Unit (Rua Carlos Amoretty Osório, 169, Sítio Cercado)

Boa Vista Health District
Santa Efigênia Health Unit (Rua Voltaire, 139, Barreirinha)

Boqueirão Health District
Tapajós Health Unit (Rua André Ferreira de Camargo, 188, Xaxim)

Cajuru Sanitary District
Iracema Health Unit (Rua Professor Nivaldo Braga, 1571, Capão da Imbuia)

CIC Sanitary District
Athens Health Unit (45 Emilia Erichsen Street, Industrial City)

Main Health District
Mãe Curitibana Health Unit (Rua Jaime Reis, 331, Alto do São Francisco)

Pinheirinho Sanitary District
Fanny/Lindóia Health Unit (Rua Conde dos Arcos, 295, Lindóia)

Porta Sanitary District
Santos Andrade Health Unit (Rua Nelson Ferreira da Luz, 145, Campo Comprido)

Santa Felicidade Sanitary District
Bom Pastor Health Unit (Via Veneto, 10, Santa Felicidade)

Tatuquara Sanitary District
Santa Rita Health Unit (Rua Adriana Ceres Zago Bueno, 1350, Tatuquara)

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