Cultural appropriation or fashion? The $ 40,000 jewel that Angelina Jolie wore and that divided critics

The actress Angelina Jolie she’s always had the Hollywood spotlight on her. And it is not for less, considering that from a young age he attracted the attention of the whole world for his peculiar beauty and great talent, in addition to his remembered marriages with Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Pitt.

However, after her noisy divorce from the award-winning actor, the artist has been focused on a 100% in the three pillars of his life: his children, his philanthropic work and his work in front of and behind the cameras.

Precisely, in the context of the premiere of his latest film Eternals, the actress attracted attention on the red carpet not only because she was accompanied by five of her six children, but also by a curious accessory.

Angelina Jolie | Revista Elle

Jolie’s eye-catching accessory

We mean a “Chin bracelet” made of gold, which added significantly to her elegant look and became a must-see from fashion commentators.

According to the English medium Metro, “The actress added an unusual touch to her glamorous outfit: a striking piece of facial jewelry“.

“Angelina wore a ‘muff’ on her chin, which stretched from her mouth to the lower part of her face, and naturally the sassy piece of jewelry got people talking,” he added.

Finally, they pointed out that although “we are already familiar with the ear bracelets, the chin version seems to be the lesser known sister of the flashy face jewels. “


Where did you get the bracelet?

According to what was reported by Metro, the interpreter contacted a local jeweler to obtain the peculiar accessory. Specifically, the item worn by Angelina was designed by the artist Nina Berenato, originally from Austin.

According to the media commented, the article was tailor-made for mold gently on the actress’s face and secure it inside the mouth, behind the lip.

In the words of Kay FlawlessAs an expert in trends, these accessories are known as “statement pieces”, which are basically accessories that become the focal point of the look.

“They are often paired with minimalist makeup and very few (or no) other pieces of jewelry, as this facial art piece takes all the credit, “he explained.

The specialist added that the chin bracelets “are aimed at accentuate facial bone structure and draw attention to the face ”. For this reason, it is advisable to use them with a hairstyle back and with free shoulders and neckline to show off the piece, just as Jolie did.

“They are often adapted to people with high cheekbones, long neck and oval faceFlawless concluded.

If you are interested in acquiring the actress’s bracelet, you can do so through the Berenato website for an approximate value of 40 thousand pesos Chileans ($ 50).

Nina Berenato

Split reviews

Although a vast majority of jewelers and the general public appreciated the jewel that Jolie wore, there were some who were not entirely convinced with the option of the also director.

This was made known by certain netizens through networks like Twitter, where they expressed their opinions on the striking chin bracelet.

“I don’t think anyone can wear that chin bracelet with so much elegance as Angelina Jolie ”; “This must be the new trend in jewelry”; and “Please, someone explain to me as if I were 5 years old what the hell is that golden clip between her lip and chin for!” were part of the comments.

However, there were some who also pointed out that, with this look, the actress could be doing a cultural appropriation of indigenous tribal tattoos. “Yes, the chin strap thing seems like a cultural appropriation of the indigenous facial tattoos“Said @epiphonemenon, one of the users.

It should be noted that cultural appropriation is “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not yours, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture ”, according to the Cambridge Dictionary.


Looks vintage

Despite what you might think, not all of Jolie’s appeal came down to her unusual accessory. His children also took big compliments after attending the event in clever outfits.

In conversation with the medium Entertainment Tonight, Jolie revealed that her offspring’s looks on the red carpet were absolutely “vintage.”

Indeed, they corresponded to styles of dress from the past that wore a great attitude.

Even his eldest daughter, Zahara, shone at the premiere wearing the dress that her mother wore in the 2014 Oscars, a golden jewel-dress garment with transparencies and long sleeves in nude color.

“My kids are all mixed up with vintage styles, and even my old Oscars dresses. We put on everything old and we recycle my old things“, He declared to the media.

But for Jolie, while focusing on looking beautiful can be fun, the truth is that she always tries to teach her daughters to focus on the inner beauty.


Inner beauty

In a written essay for Elle magazine in 2019, in which he reflected on why the world needs more wicked womens, the actress would delve into these thoughts.

“In my work, I often travel to countries where I know that if I were a citizen there, my beliefs and actions as a woman could land me in jail or expose me to a physical danger”He declared.

To this, he added that “Seen from this perspective, ‘evil women’ are only women who are tired of injustice and abuse. Women who refuse to follow rules and codes that they do not believe are the best for themselves or their families. Women who will not renounce their voice and their rights, even at the risk of death or imprisonment or the rejection of their families and communities ”.

For this reason, the actress revealed that frequently “I tell my daughters that the most important thing they can do is develop their minds“.

“You can always wear a nice dress, but it doesn’t matter what you wear outside. if your mind is not strong. There is nothing more attractive, one might even say charming, than a woman with an independent will and her own opinionsHe concluded in his powerful essay.

Angelina Jolie | Revista Elle


It should be noted that the actress had a great time at the premiere of Eternals, your last movie.

The film, based on the story of Marvel Comics of the same name and starring faces like Salma Hayek y Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), focuses on The Eternals, an immortal alien race that emerges from hiding after thousands of years to protect Earth from their evil counterparts, The Deviants.

In the tape Jolie plays the allegations, an elite Eternal warrior who can form any weapon from cosmic energy.

Regarding the film, directed by the Oscar winner Chloe Zhao (Nomadland), Angelina commented that during filming a very special vibe was created between the cast and the other members.

“It was certainly something Chloé said: ‘I want the film to be a love letter to Earth’. She is someone you can trust, she is not saying that because it sounds good that she says it as a director, you know that she will live and breathe and fulfill, “he said.

It should be noted, that Eternals it will be released in theaters in our country next Thursday, November 4, a day before his debut on the American billboard.

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