“Cuerpx” by Cuban-born artist Carlos Martiel is exhibited at the Museum of Arts

Currently, the exhibition Body by Cuban artist Carlos Martiel. Under the curatorship of Marisa Caichiolo and in collaboration with Building Bridges Art Exchange, the exhibition consists of a series of videos that compiles the artist’s work presented in various cities around the world.

Martiel shows how his body has become a tool of denunciation and criticism to express discomfort and disagreement in situations such as domination, discrimination, exclusion and marginalization. In this way, it addresses questions about the treatment of minorities and marginalized people.

Carlos Martiel exposes
Body in the Museum of Arts. SPECIAL / COURTESY CARLOS MONTIEL.

For her part, the curator explains that “these works are also a challenge to established values ​​and draw attention to other pressing issues, such as censorship and persecution for political and cultural reasons, present in many countries of the world, particularly in his native Cuba. To this end, he uses physical expressions that evoke rituals and ceremonial procedures. “

Some of the projections of the artist’s actions from performance son Commend, carried out in Argentina; People of color, seen in Ecuador, and Taste of tears, present in 2019 in the United Arab Emirates, each of them appropriate to the environment of the country that hosts it.

The inauguration of this exhibition was held with the presentation of Transfiguration, a performance in which the artist questions and accuses how bodies have been marginalized, discriminated against and violated from an official and hegemonic discourse throughout the history of Mexico.

Body It is a video installation that will remain on the premises until next October 24.


Museum of the Arts.

Until October 24.

Mar.-S 10:00 a 18:00 hrs. D 10:00 a 15:00 hrs.

Free entry.

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