Cubans criticize the prices of ice cream at Coppelia in Sancti Spíritus: the ball rose from 3 to 7 pesos

Dozens of Cubans expressed their disagreement with the increase in the price of ice cream in the province of Sancti Spíritus, where a ball of this refreshing food rose from 3 to 7 pesos.

According to Mildrey Betancourt Rodríguez, a resident of that town, at the Coppelia state ice cream parlor in the province on The cost of a portion of the product rose from 3 to 7 pesos on Thursday without improving its quality.

“The well-known ice cream parlor, once the center of interest for many schoolchildren when leaving their classes, famous for being very crowded, mainly by children, today woke up practically empty. The product without the essential consistency and texturefor a change,” he said.

The Cuban woman calls on the official press to focus on the denunciations of these arbitrary decisions that affect the family economy and get to “the root of the problem.”

“No more rummaging in the drawer that stagnates our local managers, but taking the delayed decision to be brave to penetrate the most intrinsic part of the capricious market system that is imposed on us by the totalitarian power. Of course, there are still “press meetings” where the PCC is in charge of dictating to the spokespersons its best approach to things,” he said.

He affirms that the prices of other dairy products have also risen, “such as Frescal cheese, or cream cheese (when they appear on the scene)”, and blamed it on the “obvious failure of the most recent anti-measures” of the government, he said to refer to the Task Order that has triggered inflation in the country.

At the end of his message, Betancourt Rodríguez criticized the passivity of the Cuban population that does not denounce these events and accused them of living at the expense of the actions of other Cubans, such as those who took to the streets on July 11: Will we continue sleeping in the moon of Valencia, or in the Pico Turquino? Will we continue to lie down to the voices of denunciation of worthy Cubans who today pay the consequences of our fears?” he stressed.

Another woman from Sancti Spiritus, Ania Chinea Carmona, stated that the local government intends to take every penny out of Cubans’ pockets, and questioned how many families should give up the pleasure of ice cream on the island.

“A family made up of five members wants to buy five balls each, they will have to spend 175 pesos, that’s not counting the candy you want to add and I ask: How many times a month can a family with a basic salary visit Coppelia?” he commented. .

“Please, let’s stop being idiots, Cubans no longer have where to get something, let’s make our disagreement viral,” he said.

“It has no name and the worst thing is that it is with all the necessary products to live with dignity, my friend, this is already too much”; and “It lasted, not even the children are going to be able to eat ice cream that I abuse and nobody sees that, the leaders of this country said a few days ago on television that they had not raised the price at all,” were other comments.

A similar situation was recently experienced in Havana with the same price increase to scoops of ice cream, and after several complaints from the population, the government reduced their cost according to the areas of the establishment.

The Minister of Internal Trade Betsy Díaz Velázquez reported on the new prices that would begin to be established in the popular Coppelia ice cream parlor in the capital of Cuba, after the disagreement of several people with the increase promoted by the monetary system; and he said that the 90-gram scoop of ice cream that is sold at the “Las cuatro ojos” store, where the service is at the table and in a heated area, would now have a price of 7 Cuban pesos CUP.

However, the unit would be lowered to 5 pesos in the areas of the courts and towers and outside the ice cream parlor, where the cone is sold, the ball would cost 4 pesos.

The so-called “ordering task” was created by the government and includes several transformations, among them, the progressive disappearance of the CUC convertible peso, the increase in wages by up to 4.2% and the increase in the cost of the basic basket, in addition of other products and services by up to 13.0%, which has made the Cuban family see its economic reach increasingly impoverished1.

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