Cuban singer Lenier Mesa tells how State Security received him at the Havana airport

The Cuban singer Lenier Table explained in an interview with Los Pichy Boys how State Security received him at the Havana airport to warn him not to get involved in political issues or speak ill of Cuba in the United States.

The interpreter of How do I pay you, who grew up in the United States and has lived there for the last 15 years, traveled to Cuba to register in a Cuban musical company and be able to offer concerts on the island, and at the airport itself, several security agents took him to a kind of VIP room, where they interrogated him and read him the card.

“When I arrived they put me in a room and told me: ‘Look, we’re not going to mess with you, the only thing we want is for you not to talk shit about Cuba or get involved in any politics,'” said the singer. .

“State security in Cuba has a very strong intimidation mechanism against all artists who visit the island,” said Los Pichy Boys.

Lenier was questioned several times in Miami for not addressing issues about the situation in Cuba. The singer said on several occasions that he really did not know about the politics on the island because he had lived abroad since he was a child. However, after the July 11 protests, Lenier joined the list of Cuban artists who condemned the government’s crackdown on protestersThey used their convening power to make the situation visible and produced songs about the freedom of Cuba.

A few days after 11J the singer premiered the song S.O.S Cuba, and last week he joined Willy Chirino, Srta Dayana, El Micha, El Chacal and Osmani García in the new version of Let them go.

“What pain, what sadness with my people, with my people. Cuba I am with you, the truth. I would like to be there with you at this time. From here on what I can help count on me,” said the artist after the events of 11J .

“I don’t talk a lot, I’m a bit of a peasant. I don’t like politics very much either, but I have to say something because it’s sad to see my country like this, people killing each other. I hope Cuba improves, I hope all of this is fixed. Everything Whatever is good for my people, I am ready, for whatever. My beautiful Cuba, I am with you, “he added.

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