Cuban policemen rejected 59 thousand pesos and a pig from flour thieves

Officers of the Cuban police They rejected a bribery attempt by some flour thieves in Havana, who offered a sum of 59,000 pesos and a pig to get rid of the authorities.

The attitude of the police officers, corresponding to their work, was highlighted by a report from the official press on Sunday, in the Television Newscast, where one of the agents states that the alleged thieves were carrying a dredge with wheat flour.

The newscast broadcast a telephone conversation between the head of the Detachment of the Provincial Patrol Unit in Havana, with his father in eastern Cuba, during which the agent stated that he refused to receive the money “because we are peasants, but from good heart”.

“Okay, yeah, yeah. We are not made for the scoundrel, ”said the father. “Likewise, we are made to do things well,” the young officer replied.

The events occurred last week, near kilometer 8 and a half of the National Highway. The officers found a truck and surprised two stevedores, the driver and the “owner” of the merchandise, “who would engineer a scheme to avoid police action,” says the report.

“He offered us 50,000 pesos at that moment, and later another 9,000,” described one of the policemen, Second Lieutenant Aisdel Sutil. “That citizen asked us for our names and what, if we wanted, he would give us when we went the next day to pick up a 150-pound pig,” explained another.

The defendant also asked for time to finish loading the truck with the flour, and the officers agreed to trust him and buy time to request reinforcements. He then insisted that he had more money to distribute to each when he saw other patrol cars arrive, but was arrested.

On the other hand, the newscast highlights the “ingenious” way in which they caught the defendants for the crime of “bribery”, while the investigation continues.

Often times, the official Cuban press publishes similar materials in order to highlight the image of the police, involved in a large part of the repressive acts against the population, such as those that occurred throughout the country during the government protests of 11J.

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