Cuban Government publishes new Basic Secondary uniforms

The Cuban government published the new design for the Basic Secondary school uniforms, which substitutes yellow skirts and pants for blue ones and maintains white blouses and shirts, similar to those of pre-university, according to a note from the Ministry of Interior Commerce (MINCIN), in your Facebook wall.

For the design of the new uniforms, which include transparent buttons on blouses and shirts, the MINCIN took into account the opinions of the students, who will take time to release them because the The Ministry of Education recently announced that until the academic year 2023-2024 there will be no face-to-face classes, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Cuban authorities assured that the changes of uniforms seek greater comfort in the students and allow the reuse of clothing when moving from Basic Secondary to Pre-university; although some parents do not seem convinced of the effectiveness of dual use.

“It is hard for me to understand how some officials think, boys grow up, especially at those ages, and not all of them will be able to wear their new uniforms in high school and pre,” he told CiberCuba Carmen Díaz, mother of two teenagers.

In the case of Primary, the MINCIN assured that the changes in the uniform include, in the case of girls, adding a collar to the blouse to make skin contact with the scarf cooler; The straps are removed from the skirt and buttons are added in the front or on the left side, depending on the variant, and in men’s shorts the front pleat is eliminated and the pockets are placed in the front.

In technical vocational education, pre-university and pedagogical schools, all pants and skirts will be blue; while the blouses and shirts will be white, but with blue buttons to distinguish them from those that will be worn in high school.

The difference between the students of the different types of education will be a letterhead on the left sleeve of the uniforms: technological (white), pre-university and pedagogical (blue).

Since the economic crisis of the 90s, the school uniform has become an annual nightmare for parents and the main summer search for Cuban families with children.

“There are no sizes”, “they do not arrive on time”, “there is no purchase ticket for all grades”, are just some of the problems that Cuban parents must face before the start of each course, in addition to buying school supplies and shoes, which are free to use due to the scarcity that Cuba suffers.

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