Cuban barber who "not by chivatos" suffers harassment from State Security

The Cuban barber who last August refused to cut the hair of an alleged State Security officer, He denounced on his social networks that he is suffering harassment by the State Security.

Richard García, who calls himself “the barber who does not peel snitches,” shared on his Facebook wall the photo of a summons he received from the police, for an interview at the station in the Havana municipality of Cotorro.

“Another proof that here in Cuba there is no freedom under any circumstances. I neither leave my house nor miss my work, that I work two blocks from my house. I have the right to express my way of thinking, and as a Cuban citizen in my own country I am harassed and repressed for my way of thinking, for not agreeing with the ideas of communism, “he said.

“There I leave you evidence of the constant siege in which we live and of how the dictatorship represses us more every day. I want FREEDOM, COUNTRY and LIFE,” he concluded.

It is not the first time that this self-employed person has been summoned by the Cuban police, after on July 22 he refused to serve a “snitch”, as he himself named it on that occasion, in response to the repression that the government Castro unleashed against the protesters of the 11J.

At the beginning of August the young barber had to go to the Cotorro police unit, where they raised a warning letter that he refused to sign.

Richard García then shared a text in which he openly explained why he had acted that way.

“Why do I have to tell my wife or sister to recharge my cell phone, if I work. Why do I have to wait for a friend or family member to come visit and invite me to a hotel in Varadero? Bro, me work, asere, “he said.

“Already good. we, here in Cuba, depend on worms, as they call those who think differently. If by thinking as I think, I am a mercenary, then I am a mercenary of my rights as a human being and as a Cuban who is already tired of not seeing the sweat of his work and the prosperity of his life and family. COUNTRY AND LIFE “, he concluded.

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