Cuban artists share emotional Thanksgiving messages

Dozens of Cuban artists based in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday and did not want to miss the opportunity to thank the public that follows them both inside and outside of Cuba on their social networks.

Below we share some of these messages from musicians, presenters, comedians, actors and actresses on the island.

From early in the morning the actress Susana perez He posted: “With the sunrise I take the opportunity to thank all my followers and friends this Thanksgiving Day and wish them to spend a happy day with their family eating turkey or pork but always recognizing the wonder that life is. Happy thanksgivings “.

Also, the singer Baby Lores wished his followers “Good morning and blessings to all, happy Happy Thanksgiving”, he said on Instagram.

The humorist Cuqui la Mora He also shared his thanks: “Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving. To those in my life I thank you every day, THANK YOU”.

Andy Vazquez He was not far behind: “Thanks to my family for these details,” he said on Instagram, and showed his house fully decorated by his wife and children, who surprised him with an incredible lighting of their home.

DanielaEl Dany’s daughter posted “Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving.”

The Cuban businesswoman and girlfriend of Randy Malcom, Annaby Well, he posted pictures of his children and thanked for them “Happy thanksgiving. Forever Grateful for them”.

Emilio estefanFor his part, he published a funny video where he listens to his birds sing. “Happy Thanksgiving !!! In this house everyone dances and everyone sings !! So on behalf of” Cosmo “from @gloriaestefan and our family … we wish you a blessed and joyful day !! Let’s look more towards what we have and give thank you for that !!! After such a difficult time there are many reasons to be grateful !!! “, he said.

Camila Cabello He also wanted to celebrate with his audience through a beautiful video with his dogs. The popular singer told her fans: “I have a lot to be thankful for, but I am especially grateful to have a whole team trying to support me as I meditate, happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so thankful for all the love you send me. , because you listen to my music and support me on this creative journey of my life! Even though I haven’t met many of you, you guys show me love, kindness and support, I am sending you all right now! After all, we are alive at the same time in this crazy, confusing and magical world and I believe that we are all interconnected and we are never really alone. Thankful for my family and human friends and my family and friends of plants and animals. I send you so much love and gratitude today. ”


The duo musicians People of the Zone They again thanked for their musical conquests and for the support of the Cubans with an emotional message, and a photo where Alexander and Randy Malcom appear, smiling: “Today more than ever grateful for everything that music has given us! of course grateful for our health, our families and the love we receive every day. Happy Thanksgiving my people. Thank you for all the love and support. ”

The singer and comedian Alexis Valdes He also said “thank you” to those who accompany him in his career and to his audience.

“Thanks to my audience, my followers, my fans and everyone who enjoys or supports or transmits to others, those things that come out of me, half my soul and half my brain, in ways that pretend to be art. Thank you. because they have allowed me to find and enjoy what seems to be my main reason for being in life: To brighten the lives of others while trying to brighten life, “he posted on Facebook.

Singer and songwriter go down He used that same social network, the most popular in Cuba, to share an “organic song that I composed at home a few weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you precisely today, Thanksgiving day! I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did while giving it life . It is dedicated to a person who has given me a lot! I will not say her name, she knows who Jjjjj is with. Happy day to all! “, He commented.

The presenter Carlos Otero He was not far behind and posted: “I wish everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving together with family and friends. I am thankful for being healthy, for the blessing of being a Father, for having excellent children, for my family, for so many years of work, for living in Freedom, for having friends, for having the loyalty of my public, for feeling love and being loved. Hopefully one day I can give thanks for having the privilege of seeing our Cuba enjoy Freedom, Democracy and Rights Humans, “he noted.

And for the closing we leave the incredible smile of the singer Willy chirino, who posted a beautiful family photo and stated, “Congratulations to everyone this Thanksgiving.”

The Thanksgiving Day It is celebrated in the United States and Canada, as well as in some Caribbean islands, Liberia, and by American and Canadian immigrant communities in Mexico, Central America, and Israel.

In the US, the celebration takes place on the fourth Thursday of November, being a tradition that brings together families throughout the country. In many houses it is common to offer a prayer of thanks to God for the blessings received during the year.

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