Cuban-American Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, released

The Cuban American Enrique “Henry” Tarrioleader of the group known as the Proud Boys, was released this Friday after spending four months and a week behind bars in a Washington, DC prison.

Upon his departure, Tarrio stated that he continues to support former President Donald Trump, but admitted that the storming the capitol It was a mistake and he showed his willingness to testify to the Congressional Committee investigating the insurrection that occurred on January 6, 2021, during the session that would certify the electoral victory of President Joe Biden.

Upon leaving prison – dressed in a T-shirt labeled #FreeTheProudBoys and below the phrase By any means necessary (by any means necessary) and the photo of a man armed with a rifle-, Tarrio stated that he planned to “retire for the moment from the leadership” of the organization, and that he would focus on “God, his family, and his club and his friends”, according to Telemundo 51.

Although his current role in the organization is unclear, once considered one of the leaders of the Proud Boys said he plans to create his own organization and return to Miami to run for political office.

The group’s founder, Gavin McInnes, said last month that he did not know who was leading the group. The media suspect that it may be a strategy to sow confusion.

The night before going to jail, Tarrio announced that he was considering resigning, but also that he planned to poke fun at journalists by telling them different versions of who ran the organization.

However, Tarrio himself and other members of the group – described as violent and with neo-fascist and white supremacist ideology – have continued to refer to him as president during his months in jail.

Sentenced in the middle of last year Five months in jail after admitting to the theft and burning of a “Black Lives Matter” banner from a capital church in December 2020, Tarrio was also sentenced to pay a $1,000 fine.

Arrested in Washington, DC two days before the insurrection on Jan. 6 for possession of high-caliber ammunition cartridges, Tarrio pleaded guilty in July and made a deal with prosecutors, receiving a five-month prison sentence.

Tarrio’s role in Proud Boys has been under scrutiny since it was revealed last year that had worked as a federal informant, according USA Today. Several chapters of the Proud Boys rejected Tarrio after those revelations, but the group has not announced the appointment of new leaders.

“The Proud Boys want to erode the trust of mainstream journalists and that would be an effective strategy to do that,” said Kutner, a senior fellow at the Khalifa Ihler Institute, a think tank that studies approaches to combating extremism.

At least 37 Proud Boys members were arrested and charged for their actions on January 6 and four were charged with conspiracy. Many of them are being held in federal facilities in the US capital.

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