Cuban actress Rebeca Proenza: "Today it is said Homeland and Life because we have been dead for a long time"

Cuban actress Rebeca Proenza responds to the government of Cuba that “today it is said Homeland and Life because we have been dead for a long time ”.

In a letter that she shares on her Facebook profile, the young actress and youtuber explains to the authorities that “do not be afraid of the PACIFIC march that the Cubans are organizing inside the island“, Because” it will be very similar to all those who have forced you yourselves for so many years, in fact, the guest list is the same: All Cubans! “

Proenza said that the same people to whom the government “entrusted the streets for their stands and mandatory parades will attend that march. Why fear them now? Why is it by choice without any scheduled speech?

“Those who insist on taking the streets in a peaceful way are your neighbors, the same ones who walk them every day. They are the Cubans you already know, the same ones you forced to march under your empty slogans and threats of repression if they didn’t. This time they have decided it themselves, but don’t panic. They will talk about the same things that have always been said when a group of people get together: about how bad the country is and how much we want a change, ”he also argues.

The actress assures that “today it is said COUNTRY AND LIFE, because we have been dead for a long time, immobile, while our life collapses. The only difference is that now they are going to say out loud what they used to say behind your back. Young people will shout at the top of their lungs what we grew up listening to our grandmothers comment quietly in the kitchen ”.

Similarly, in his open letter, he stated that “whats who will take to the streets are not paid by anyone, or rather, they are the same professionals poorly paid by you, the government, who today fears you.

The youtuber assured that those who will go to the peaceful march “They are the mothers of the children who left without being able to return. They are the students who have left school to fight their lives in any invention, which in the end solves them more than studying. They are the ones who are still studying and don’t want to work for you “.

They are also, he noted, “The grandmothers who do not know the grandchildren who were born outside of Cuba, the doctors from whom you steal their money by sending them abroad for millionaire sums of which they receive administered crumbs, the teachers from the schools that collapse, as is the case. overthrow the doctrine, the friends of political prisoners defamed daily for your propaganda, the censored artists that you will never be able to shut up even if you try and the engineers, who together with all the people, cannot find a solution to the problem of living in a country that it collapses every second ”.

“The list is long, but in short: those who ask to take to the streets, are the owners of them and do not have to ask your permission! “, sentenced the actress.

In its publication, Proenza said that it endorsed the words of Yunior García, of whom I cannot be more proud: “See you on November 15th. I no longer fear the garbage trucks, the ‘black shirts’, the sticks they demand in each workplace, or the dictatorship. And yes, I already use the word DICTATORSHIP. There are words that you don’t dare to mention until you see them naked, in front of you, like today ”.

The actress also recalled that “Antonio Maceo did not ask permission to protest in Baraguá, and the history books that you tell yourself celebrate it.”

“Those of us who are far away, like José Martí from his exile, are left with words and a voice of encouragement. Do not allow anyone to take away the right to be Cuban from anywhere in the world”, Also pointed out Proenza, based in the United States.

“I never threw flowers at Camilo, mine were all for Yemayá. To the same one that today I ask you guide us all down the path of freedom we deserve“Concludes the publication of the young actress.

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