Cuban activist Saily González arrested in Santa Clara

The Cuban activist Saily González was arrested this Friday in the city of Santa Clara when she was on her way to the Provincial Court to present a Habeas corpus in favor of the relatives of the young Andy García Lorenzo, put on trial for participating in the protests of July 11.

A relative of the popular influence confirmed to CiberCuba that she was “kidnapped” by State Security agents to prevent her from approaching the court where this Friday concludes the trial against Andy García and 15 other protesters in the city of Villa Clara.

He also said that his mother was notified that the young woman is detained in Criminal Investigation of the Third Unit of Santa Clara.

His mother left for that station together with the activist Víctor Ruiz and other young people who accompany her, he explained.

“Right now I am going to present in the Provincial Court of Villa Clara (the same Court where the 16 protesters of July 11 are currently being tried) the writ of Habeas Corpus for citizens Jonatan López Alonso, Roxana García Lorenzo, Pedro López and his wife Yenia Alonso. The four forcibly disappeared by agents of the political police at the service of Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and the Cuban Presidency this morning when they were on their way to the trial of Andy García Lorenzo,” the activist had posted before leaving her home.

She argued that “as a Cuban citizen I have the right to move freely throughout the national territory according to article 52 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba,” and said that “any attempt to restrict this right (as they have done with Andy’s family ) is a violation of my constitutional and human rights.”

in the last few minutes his last two tweets were deleted in which she announced that she was addressing the audience. Some of his followers assure that this fact is an indication that the authorities seized his mobile phone.

The journalist Iliana Hernández and other Cuban activists denounced González’s disappearance on networks, and described the ongoing judicial process as a “false trial.”

In recent days, the former moderator of the Archipelago platform called for solidarity with the relatives of the political prisoners of 11J, and warned that she was threatened with jail if she decided to appear in the area where the trial would take place this week.

Although her family begged her not to leave her house, the young woman has been near the court since Monday to accompany the relatives of the victims of the regime who are imprisoned, especially those of Andy García Lorenzo, 23 years old.

In the morning hours, State Security also detained on public roads Garcia Lorenzo’s family when he intended to attend the last hearing.

The family of the political prisoner showed, through a Facebook video, the moment when a State Security official asked them to stop on the Circunvalación highway in Santa Clara.

After this fact González decided to present the Habeas Corpus for the benefit of the detainees, but they did not let her reach the court.

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