Cuban activist blames the Government for the death of her daughter: “The lack of medical attention killed her”

Cuban activist Lucinda González Gómez assured that her 44-year-old daughter had died from coronavirus on August 23 in Havana due to the deficiencies of the primary health care system on the island, while blaming the government for such failures.

“When he got to the hospital he had already been with COVID for a week or two,” he said in statements to the independent media CubaNet. “From the beginning there were failures, because she was about seven days before they admitted her, first to the doctor’s office, then to the polyclinic, and they told her that [lo que tenía] It was a product of the asthma he suffered, ”he explained.

González reported that his daughter, Mónica Durán González, began to suffer from a high fever and was admitted to an isolation center. Later, she was rushed to the “Salvador Allende” Surgical Clinical Hospital, known as La Covadonga, where she arrived with arrhythmia. [cardiaca] and shortness of breath.

Once at the center his daughter was treated with Recombinant Human Interferon Alpha 2b, a drug that Cuban health authorities have defended in the treatment of patients with coronavirus. However, the activist maintains that after receiving the drug, her daughter’s condition worsened.

Duran too had received all three doses of Abdala, the nationally produced vaccine against COVID-19. “With this disease, what cannot be lost is time, which is why primary health care is so important. The slightest symptom must be attacked, and if you have underlying diseases even more ”, explained a specialist to the aforementioned medium.

“On the other hand, with regard to vaccines, if the established time has not elapsed after the last dose, it is very difficult for your body to reach the highest level of immunization; And if your body does not respond, I don’t think that having vaccinated you is of any use, it is as if your body had a gun that does not shoot the disease, ”he explained.

In this case, Durán suffered from various underlying diseases such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and bronchial asthma, in addition to presenting a coronary deficiency, according to the activist.

“Since they told me that I was intubated, I knew that I was not going to see my daughter again. After that, they did a PCR that gave her negative, that is, she had post-COVID bronchopneumonia. The therapy doctor told me that his lungs were destroyed, that by the time he got to the hospital he had already been with COVID for a week or two. That was what killed her: the lack of medical attention, “he said.

González is the wife of former Cuban politician Silverio Portal Contreras, activist of the opposition organization Cuba Independiente y Democrática.

In recent months, the Antillean country has experienced the deadliest wave of the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020. During the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) registered 74 deaths and 8,342 new coronavirus infections in Cuba. The deaths included that of a 19-year-old pregnant woman.

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