Cuba Proxima rejects Russian interference

Cuba Próxima rejected Russia’s “colonialist” pronouncement on a possible deployment of troops on the island, in a note released this Friday in Madrid.

Cuba is a sovereign nation and no foreign country can trample on its independence and dignity with impunity, warned the note from the Center for Studies on the Rule of Law, which is working on a democratic project for the island.

Cuba Próxima demanded that Moscow not use the island again as a bargaining chip for its foreign policy; and urged Russia and the United States to resolve their differences at the negotiating table, respecting the independence of Ukraine.

Cuba’s internal crisis – with hundreds of young people imprisoned and / or sentenced to long sentences for peacefully demonstrating for freedom and democracy – should not be aggravated by external interference, the statement concluded.

This Thursday, Cuba Próxima demanded the unconditional release of political prisoners on the island, except those convicted of reliably proven crimes of terrorism.

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