Cuba partners with a Spanish company to operate water services in the country

A Cuban state company for the maintenance and repair of hydraulic works has partnered with a Spanish electrical supply company to provide services to water and sanitation systems.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) of Cuba announced the creation of the International Economic Association (AIE) Hydrosystems and Automation, which will provide comprehensive services related to the protection, automation and control of technological processes and pumping systems in Cuba and abroad.

The aforementioned AIE is made up of the maintenance and repair company for hydraulic works, belonging to the Superior Organization of Business Management (OSDE) Water and Sanitation of Cuba, and the Spanish electrical supply company ERKA.

As explained by the MINCEX in its Web page, the agreement includes activities of diagnosis, construction, repair, rehabilitation, assembly, start-up and after-sales and warranty services in networks and installations.

The association, based in Havana, will operate as a technical and commercial management center for the promotion and contracting of the provision of comprehensive services, both mechanical and electrical.

One of the novelties of the agreement should be the services of manufacturing and repairing electrical panels for the automation of all systems and to encourage the pumping of water with solar energy, as well as the creation of hybrid systems that guarantee the supply of water.

Cuba presents a critical situation with the supply of drinking water, and it is often necessary to withdraw the service due to the poor condition of the river networks, due to so many years of exploitation in which they have not received the necessary maintenance.

The hydraulic installations suffer constant breakdowns which in turn cause significant water losses in leaks that require repairs, but the companies in charge of executing them do not have resources or accessories to carry them out.

Havana is the province with the greatest difficulties in supplying water to its neighbors, with a number of leaks three times higher than in previous years.

In 2018, the appointment of a citizen was made official Spanish as general director of the company Aguas de La Habana SA, which belongs to the Agbar Group, controlled by the multinational Suez.

It was reported then that the company was made up of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, with 50 percent; Agbar, as technological partner and operator, with 45 percent, and the remaining five percent was managed by a businessman from the Canary Islands.

The concessionaire, the only foreign capital company with management of a public service, supplied water to the 15 municipalities of the capital.

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