Cuadrado and Cristiano Ronaldo had a “heated” moment when they were teammates at Juventus

A few hours ago some images of a very “heated” moment were known, starring two of the great players of these times, the Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado and his teammate at the time, Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus.

The great leadership that the Portuguese striker possesses is no secret to anyone, all the energy that infects those around him, makes his teammates jump onto the field motivated by his words to give everything for his shirt.

However, today, his character has been a subject that unleashes controversy and on several occasions, has caused some type of discussion to be generated in his team.

Even in his new club Manchester United, he was already the target of criticism thanks to the fact that, in the middle of the game, against Liverpool, CR7 tried to take away a rival who was on the floor, kicking him desperately for the defeat suffered by “the reds” .

Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

In the 60th minute, hundreds of fans left Old Trafford, embarrassed by the image of a Manchester United that was humiliated by Liverpool in the England classic (0-5).

On this occasion, a video revealed by the streaming platform Amazon Prime is news, in its docuserie: Todo o nada: (all or nothing) Juventus.

In the dressing rooms, the players from the Veccia Segnora, rest in a halftime of the commitment against Porto, in which Juventus would be eliminated in the knockout phase.

In part of the video you can see Cristiano Ronaldo enter the dressing room furious at the performance of his teammates: “We’re going to do something else, what the fuck! We don’t touch anything. We play like shit # * always,” he stated quite annoyed. the Portuguese star.

Despite the bad moment that the Turin team was going through, who wanted to calm Ronaldo’s spirits, was the Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado: “You have to be an example for everyone.”

To which the United figure today responded:

“I also include myself eh, we are not playing anything. You have to tell the truth. It’s a Champions League game, you have to have personality.” He continued to raise his tone of voice.

The coffee flyer approached him facing him face to face. The atmosphere was so heated that Andrea Pirlo, Juventus’ technical director at the time, had to intervene in that episode.

In the second half, the team of Ronaldo and Cuadrado managed to win 3-2, however, they were not enough to continue after falling 2-1 in Portugal.

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