Cry from the heart of a frightened teacher

Tonight, I can’t sleep. My throat is tight, my heart is aching, and my stomach is upside down. I saw the news coming. My lover told me: don’t panic. Then everything is confirmed. Schools open; the face-to-face return is scheduled for January 17. We can follow the conference that will take place this Thursday, but we learned about it through social media.

I am a passionate teacher, the one who would do anything for her students and everything, is little for anything I want to do. I want to see them, to see them for real! At the same time, the context scares me.

I am one of those who tries to see the positive in everything. Most of the time, I fully agree with Mr. Legault. I take my hat off to him and his team for all the work they are doing in such a difficult context. The good thing about a society is diversity. There are no good solutions, only solutions to try to do the best for everyone and for everyone’s safety. However, this diversity means that no matter what decision is made, some will agree and others will not. The good thing about this diversity, most of the time, is this difference in opinions that allows us to move forward and even evolve by all reflecting together.

Despite everything, tonight, it hurts to see that my unicorn world is collapsing! This world where my profession and our skills are taken into account and recognized. This world where there is really a sincere concern to protect us!

I admit that distance education is not the best. There is no proximity, this link so important, this link that unites me and my students. It’s the screen that separates us has more consequences than it seems. Despite everything, I salute the resilience of each of them. I consider myself very lucky and grateful to have such a great group.

Children have this ability to teach us. Children teach us to accept and continue our journey with great courage, resilience and humanity.

I am also a mother of four boys. I understand this difficult dynamic of virtual education for many families.

On the other hand, I am still afraid!

How is it that we are never consulted? At what point my profession is so little recognized, but that education is essential?

Why? I wonder about the consequences of going back to class. Will it really be beneficial? Why have we been made to leave school so hastily before the holidays with fewer cases per day and particularly fewer deaths and hospitalizations than to date? Why is it that we do not yet have access to quality masks? Why are we not considered a priority at the screening center? Will this return have disastrous consequences for the health system? What will happen when several of my students have the virus; will families be safe? Are we safe, really?

I do not know what to think! I want to find my students from the bottom of my heart, but I don’t want to have to switch back to virtual since the situation could deteriorate further. Schools have often been places of outbreak.

Please reassure me!

Tell me I’m wrong for worrying. Tell me our limits will be considered!

From a dedicated teacher who would do a lot for her students, even online for a week or two!

Annie Lavigne, Teacher and mom of four boys

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