Criticism of the Government for using the App My Argentina to campaign

After the hard electoral defeat suffered in the PASO elections on Sunday, the National government seeks new strategies to improve results for the November elections. Among the new strategies used, one was highly questioned by the opposition, as they began to show government advertising in the app My Argentina.

“The state cannot be confused with the ruling party. Remove political advertising from the page My Argentina. President Fernández seems that they did not understand anything, “complained the candidate for national deputy of Together for Change, Paula Oliveto.

Sandra Pitta joined the criticism.

“Well, on site MiArgentina there is propaganda of the ruling party. When are they going to understand that the State and the Government are two different things? ” critics MP candidate Sandra Pitta.

The message posted by Mario Negri.

“True to its style, Peronism confuses the party with the Government and the State. Two days after the defeat of Alberto and Cristina they spread proselytizing advertisements on the App My Argentina. If anyone believed that they had understood the message of the ballot box, it is not like that. Incorrigibles, “he added to the critics the president of the block of Deputies of Together for Change, Mario Negri.

The controversial message that appears in the My Argentina app.

The message that appears in the app My Argentina varies each time the application loads. The president’s statements Alberto Fernandez they rotate randomly with information about the vaccination campaign.

The “strategy” generated numerous critics in social networks, where many users attacked the Government for using the App to campaign for politics. The lawyer Jimena Castiñeira Arce indicated that she will file a criminal complaint so that the official advertising is removed from the app.


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