Cristina Pérez confessed her love for Luis Petri

“If we are together. In love. Knowing us. Very happy, “Cristina Pérez confessed to Infobae.

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The images captured by Infobae. Cristina Pérez and the deputy for Mendoza Luis Petri, together

Rodolfo Barili’s partner acknowledged that they are starting a relationship And, according to what they revealed, the attraction arose from the professional relationship. Love would have been born thanks to a talk about wine, say sources close to the couple.

Radical deputy Luis Petri is 44 years old. He describes himself as “passionate and willful”. In social networks, he has a very active profile but has not said anything about his love situation.

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To the kisses!  Cristina P & eacute; rez and the deputy for Mendoza Luis Petri, together

To the kisses! Cristina Pérez and the deputy for Mendoza Luis Petri, together

The video that proves love

Your desire not to be a mother

Cristina Pérez told a few months ago her decision not to be a mother. The woman from Tucumán revealed that she chose him in her teens because she is not willing to face what she considers to be a sacrifice.

“I always say that the things we choose are those for which we are willing to give everything. Many times they tell me: ‘But don’t you want to be a mother?’ And I don’t see myself not sleeping because I have a baby in my arms, giving him the tit “, said Cristina Pérez.

And he argued his decision: “It seems to me a huge sacrifice that I do not want to have. This seems hard, but sometimes I stay writing until five in the morning and that does not seem like a sacrifice. So, there I talk about the vocation. And it would be hypocritical not to tell them this. So I think that what we choose is what we are willing to stay up until four, five in the morning. “

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