Cristina Pérez and the political aspirations of Luis Petri: first lady?

They have been in the news for weeks, because love has broken into the journalist’s life in a resounding way Cristina Perez and the Mendoza national legislator Louis petri. First confirmed through sneaky videos and photos of paparazzi, and then by themselves, the host of Telefé News and the deputy live an idyll that advances by leaps and bounds and is transformed into a consolidated relationship.

About the great celebration for the 120 years of the winery Luigi Bosca, in which both said present, MDZ she chatted with Cristina about the changes that the relationship has produced in their lives, and how she sees herself transforming into a “Mendoza by adoption.”

“The truth is that, with respect to my personal state, every day I am more in love than the previous one. We have taken important steps: we already live together – when Luis is in CABA, he stays at my house, and I come here and of course I I stay in yours- and in a month I have come three times! to Mendoza “, he begins by telling him Cristina Perez a MDZ within the framework of the impressive celebration at Finca El Paraíso, Maipú.

“I think that the infatuation I feel has expanded to my feeling for Mendoza. With Luis since we met, we feel that we are for each other, but in addition to that, a need has come for both of us to share each other’s worlds. Love does that: it puts you in the world of the other, taking you out of yourself, “he said.

Luis Petri and Cristina Pérez with Alberto Arizu (h) and his wife Carolina.

“I am a good friend of Alberto Arizu and his father, they are admirable people; and on the other hand I come to this celebration with Luis; so it is that two very beautiful stories come together. It is the confluence of two stories of great affection. We are living a time that finds me very in love … it finds Luis and me very in love, and wanting to share the good things “.

“We are living a time after the pandemic where again we are finding the courage to meet, to share moments, to toast, to think about the future, to greet each other with joy … such simple things that we had lost. And it is my turn to meet again with everything. this from the hand of love “.

When talking about the first impressions that the experience of a pandemic has left her, Cristina reflected that “people also make ourselves of the moments in which we share, when we speak, when we approach and learn from the other. We are not humans for isolation, we are for improving ourselves when we meet. This moment, within the framework of the party that we are living here in a winery with friends who meet, is a faithful example of what I tell you. ”

Does she look like a provincial first lady?

“I want to be by Luis’ side. He is by my side. Our heart calls out to us!”, Pérez enthuses.

We ask him, then, what will happen if the political career of the current legislator of Juntos por El Cambio brings him back to Mendoza. “Luis has a strong vocation to seek the governorship, and my heart tells me that I will accompany him. We will be taking airplanes!”, Assured the journalist.

Elegant and in composé, in the celebration of the 120 years of Luigi Bosca.

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