Cristián de la Fuente sued La Red for involving him in the case of jewelery smuggling

Christian of the Fountain decided to take legal action against La Red after being mentioned in one of his reports regarding the jewelery smuggling case that also involves Parived, husband of Tonka Tomicic.

The actor’s name appeared in a note uploaded to the channel’s website, where he was recorded as one of the names in the investigative folder.

“Prosecutor’s sources confirm that the actor Cristián de la Fuente is also among the names that appeared in the case. Who would have been one of the buyers of stolen species“, It was indicated in the text.

The note added that “in the case of De la Fuente, it is enough to confirm to what extent the actor would have known the origin of these watches and jewels. It is because of that he has not been charged and only appeared in the investigation because he could simply be a victim of a network that has not left anyone indifferent ”.

The actions of Cristián de la Fuente

Faced with these words, Cristián de la Fuente immediately launched a denial. And said that “I have not received any summons or communication from the Public Ministry, related to this or any other criminal investigation, nor have I been involved in the purchase of watches or other stolen species as the note from La Red refers ”.

And he added that “due to the above, today I presented to the executive director of La Red, a formal request to rectify and clarify as soon as possible the information published by this means, whose source I do not know completely ”.

However, this seems not to have come to such a good port, since according to Publimetro the actor “determined to file a criminal complaint against the La Red channel and its executive director, Víctor Gutiérrez Prieto ”.

This, according to the same medium, “For violating the provisions of the press law and the exercise of journalism”. Later, he confirmed this legal action through his Instagram stories.

In this way, Cristián de la Fuente made it clear that he does not want to be publicly linked to the investigation and that he will defend himself against those who argue otherwise.

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