Crisis group Evergrande warns again of liquidity bottlenecks

Dhe Chinese property developer Evergrande, who has run into financial difficulties, warns again of liquidity risks due to a decline in property sales. The country’s second largest property developer is in talks with potential investors to sell some of its assets, but has not made any “significant progress,” according to a filing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company blames “persistent negative media reports” for the deterioration in investor confidence, which leads to a further decline in sales in September.

Disgruntled investors gathered in front of Evergrande’s headquarters in Shenzhen on Monday to ask for their money back. The company had previously stated it was in “unprecedented trouble” but denied speculation of impending bankruptcy.

About two weeks ago, the over-indebted group itself warned of liquidity and default risks for the first time if it should not succeed in resuming construction, selling holdings and renewing loans.

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