Crime on the channel: The only defendant will continue to be detained and will undergo psychiatric tests

The guarantee judge claudia gates, rejected the request for house arrest and freedom of Gustavo Espinoza 23 years old, the only suspect in the brutal crime of Fernando Solorza that occurred on January 6 in the vicinity of a canal in the macrocentro of Salta and He ordered preventive detention.

The young man is accused of murder qualified by treachery in real competition with calamitous theft. It all happened on January 6, in a channel located on Dean Funes street they found the body of Facundo, 19 years old, he had multiple stab wounds in the cervical region, chest and abdomen. Several items were missing from the victim’s belongings.

It transpired that the violent attack of al minus 30 stab wounds had been motivated because the attacker’s girlfriend had a parallel relationship with the young man and that would have started the fight; They also said that it is a place for the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

The judge ordered that the Medical Service and the Social Service of the Judiciary carry out mental and socio-environmental reports respectively. For its part, the Psychology Service will conduct a psychological report to the accused, to evaluate psychopathology and personality traits of the accused, their intellectual capacity, emotional or psychological damage, degree of sincerity.

It also ordered the extraction of oral swab samples from the accused, and authorized a computer expertise on the seized digital devices, which will be carried out by professionals from the Computer Office of the Tax Investigation Corps (CIF).

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