Crashed and ran away

At dawn yesterday, the staff of the First Police Station was requested about San Martín avenue, because there had been a shock.

The staff went to the place, where they observed that the traffic accident had been carried out by a van Ford Ranger, which it crashed against the boulevard from the aforementioned avenue.

It should be noted that when the police arrived at the scene, they found that the driver ran away.

Apparently and according to police sources consulted, they commented that the man had lost control of the vehicle, which caused it to hit the boulevard at the corner, would have bounced and ended up crashed a few meters away.

The truck ended with major property damage, since due to the impact he lost the front wheel on the driver’s side.

At the scene, the presence of firefighters was requested, who were present, raised the wheel and then ran the truck to check it so that it did not lose fuel.

On the other hand, the Municipal Transit staff proceeded to shooting kidnapping, which was taken to the municipal corralón, where it will be housed.

Ended up inside a house

Yesterday, around 06:00, there was a crash at the corner of the Perón and San Martín avenues. There the driver of a Ford Focus collided with a house.

As he was able to know South Time, the subject, of legal age, would drive drunk, he lost control and crashed into the house. The car was left inside the patio of the house.

The Third Police Station personnel were present at the scene and requested the presence of an ambulance and traffic inspectors.

Upon arrival, the doctor attended the man, but he reportedly said he was fine, so they left without a patient.

Meanwhile, the inspectors controlled the documentation and when they wanted to carry out the breathalyzer test, driver he refused, for which the shooting was seized.

(The Focus ended up inside a backyard.)


On the other hand, it was known that around noon yesterday, the staff of the Sixth Police Station was informed that in October 17 Highway and Asturias another one was registered traffic mishap.

This time the same would have been starring a wheel and a bicycle, whose drivers were of legal age.

Apparently the person who was riding a bicycle was assisted by the one who was driving the vehicle and took her preventively to the Regional Hospital.

(The driver of the shooting took the bicycle. (Photo: CR))

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