Crash between trucks leaves 8 injured on the Torreón-San Pedro highway

A collision between two trucks on the Torreón-San Pedro highway, on the curve of the town Escuadrón 201, left 8 people injured and substantial material damage, on Wednesday morning.

Around 8:30 a.m. the accident was recorded in front of the gas station that is located on the curve of the aforementioned road and that connects with the old Torreón-San Pedro highway, already in the lands of the ejido Squadron 201, belonging to the municipality of Matamoros.

In the clash they got involved a white Ford pickup truck that collided head-on with a silver Dodge truck. According to the first reports, the white Ford truck was traveling on the highway from Torreón, heading for the city of Francisco I. Madero, Coahuila. When he reached the aforementioned curve, he collided with his front part against the silver Chevrolet, which came from Francisco I. Madero and at the curve he tried to take the old Torreón-San Pedro highway, heading to the town of El Cambio.

Eight people were injured who were assisted by paramedics from the Francisco I. Madero Red Cross., who arrived aboard two ambulances to take them to Clinic No. 20 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in that city and a private clinic, also in Madero. At the scene of the accident, the Firefighters and elements of Torreón Civil Protection also appeared to support and clean the area of ​​the accident.

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