Coyoacán will promote economic recovery with the First Employment Fair

In order to comprehensively support the economic reactivation, the mayor of Coayoacán, Giovani Gutiérrez Aguilar, accompanied by the Secretary of Labor and Employment Promotion, José Luis Rodríguez and Fabiola Olvera, representative of the Coparmex, launched the 1st Employment Fair in the demarcation with an offer of 1,200 available places.

“In this mayor’s office, in this representation, we are sure that in coordination with the different levels of government, in this case, the government of Mexico City, for which I am grateful and the Federal Government, we will hold hands to put the agenda first. citizen. Let’s hold hands to see beyond what you need and thus be able to live better, that is why this effort is coordinated, ”said Gutiérrez Aguilar.

In this first edition, more than 50 companies participate that in total will offer 1,200 jobs for various profiles such as technicians, operatives and professionals in various fields. Additionally, the companies and companies made an effort to plan the vacancies offered with a gender perspective and an inclusive vision.

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During the inauguration, the mayor thanked the collaboration of the three levels of government to make the Coyoacán Job Fair 2021 possible; He expressed his appreciation to José Luis Rodríguez Díaz de León, Secretary of Labor and the participating companies that showed solidarity to open sources of employment with a gender perspective, for people with disabilities and for older adults.

“Dear Secretary, let our Head of Government know that we have eyes for the future, that we are going to walk with you, that you see in us an ally who all you want is that Coyoacan families can live better,” he said.

On the occasion, the Secretary of Labor and Employment Promotion of CDMX commented that the fair seeks to generate opportunities, as well as open sources of employment to face the day-to-day, while thanking the work team of the mayor’s office for their organization and cooperation.

“It seeks to have joint efforts from the Government of Mexico, the CDMX, the mayor’s office and with companies that bring opportunities closer together. Today we are on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and the labor issue is not an exception to the violence that prevents access to women so that they can have a dignified life, without patrimonial violence. It is essential that it be an inclusive fair.

“Hopefully this fair will have the greatest job opportunities and that we can move forward in building economic recovery,” he said.

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For her part, Fabiola Olvera expressed, on behalf of Coparmex Ciudad de México, that the economic reactivation and job recovery is one of the 10 points proposed in the Mexico City manifesto that the organization promotes.

The Employment Fair is a free, direct and agile means of linking that is offered by the Coyoacán Mayor’s Office together with the National Employment Service and the Employment Services of the states, as an option for direct linking between job seekers and public employers and private.

This event will take place from November 25 to 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Alameda Del Sur, in Canal de Miramontes s / n, Coapa, Las Campanas neighborhood.


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