CovPass with important update for vaccination record: New function protects against major problem

The range of functions of the CovPass app is constantly being developed and improved in order to make it easier to identify yourself using a digital vaccination certificate. An important update has now been released that brings the app to the new version 1.15.

The CovPass app is still #1 in the app stores. No wonder, because the digital corona vaccination certificate makes everyday life and travel a little easier. Besides that the app is now accepted in all EU countries and in some third countries. Whether checking in at the airport, at the hotel or at the ticket office for attractions: the CovPass app can be used to prove that you have been vaccinated or have recovered.

Now the CovPass app is in the Version 1.15 appeared and thus receives some exciting innovations.

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Update to version 1.15: This is new

The CovPass app is constantly being updated and the range of functions is constantly being improved.
The CovPass app is constantly being updated and the range of functions is constantly being improved.

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The changes in the Version 1.15 are of a very practical nature. With the new edition of CovPass, the validity of your saved vaccination certificate can be transmitted to airlines or hotels, for example.

Traveling in the Corona period should be made significantly easier because the vaccination certificate can already be sent from the app during the booking process.

Another innovation in the current release: the number of people for whom Covid certificates can be deposited has been limited to prevent misuse of the CovPass app.

CovPass App: Digital vaccination record for Android and iOS

The CovPass app works in three steps.
The CovPass app works in three steps.

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Like the Corona warning app, the CovPass app is available free of charge and its use is voluntary. Unlike the Corona warning app, the smartphone app CovPass does not have a contact tracing function. Instead, you can use the CovPass app to load proof of corona vaccinations or your recovered status directly onto your smartphone. There is a verification mechanism to prevent counterfeiting. The app consists of 3 steps:

  • Scan in proof of vaccination/recovery certificate: With the app, scan the QR code on your vaccination certificate with the app. Anyone who is still vaccinated will receive proof at the vaccination center, from the family doctor and in the hospitals. Alternatively, the document can be obtained from participating pharmacies upon presentation of an official photo ID and the yellow vaccination card.
  • View QR code: As proof of a full vaccination or recovery, the CovPass app then displays a QR code right on the start screen.
  • QR-Code abscannen: You can quickly prove your vaccination status during admission controls. The QR code in the app can in turn be scanned using the CovPassCheck app and confirms your vaccinations.

Important: The QR code of a corona vaccination is only valid if 14 days have passed after the second vaccination or if a booster vaccination has been entered. When checked, the QR code also shows only the most necessary information, such as vaccination status, name and date of birth. In addition to the app, a valid ID document, such as an ID card, is also required.

The app allows you to add several vaccination certificates, so that parents can also store certificates for their children there and show them on request.

Privacy in the CovPass app

The CovPass app only stores the complete vaccination data locally, when you scan it there is verification.
The CovPass app only stores the complete vaccination data locally, when you scan it there is verification.


Corona apps have increased data protection requirements. The CovPass app cannot work completely anonymously, after all it is intended to prove the vaccination status for a specific person. Security and data protection were nevertheless taken into account. The RKI mentions the following points:

  • Local data storage: The complete vaccination data is only permanently stored locally on the smartphone.
  • Data economy: The QR code contains only the minimum required data set according to EU specifications.
  • Cryptographic security: The QR code is protected by a strong signature and is forgery-proof.

The app runs on Android 6 or iOS 12.1 or higher.

Downloads: CovPass for Android and iOS

Downloads: Corona-Warn-App

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