Covid in Mendoza: this week a record of positive indicators was registered

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In the first 4 days of September, the daily average of new cases is 137.5.

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The Association of Clinics and Sanatoriums of Mendoza (Aclisa) also detailed that at least 4 out of 10 beds are unoccupied in the private sector.

During the last week, 72 deaths were reported associated with Covid in Mendoza. Of these, 26 occurred in the last 7 days, until the night of Thursday, September 9, and 46 correspond to previous dates but were entered into the SISA system this week.

Thus, in Mendoza, 4,475 people have died from this cause, 6 out of 10 men. From them 48.13% are over 70 years of age, although in that age group there is a decrease in fatality this year.

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The new report from the Ministry of Health includes data collected from the week of September 3-9. Regarding the number of Covid-19 cases, they were specified 692 positive cases, 689 recovered, 26 deceased and 46 deceased cases reported in SISA this week (corresponds to deceased persons with earlier dates). In relation to the previous report, there was a significant drop since they had exceeded 1,000.

Contagions by age group

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From the official data it also emerges that in the age group from 15 to 59 years, it is where more infections occur and also where the highest percentage of recovery occurs. It continues to remain in 81% of those infected.

The youngest group continues to be the age group that registers the most infections. In general, this sector transits the disease with mild symptoms. The average age of recovered is 41 years, 71 years of deceased and 41 years of confirmed.

Lethality / Mortality

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When observing the percentage of deaths according to the age group, Mendoza has a Mortality of 2,362.08 per million inhabitants and a Lethality of 2.73 per total confirmed by Covid-19.

Deaths by age group

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Likewise, the age group most vulnerable to the disease continues to be the elderly. 73.9% of the deceased are between 60 and 89 years old and people over 90 years old represent 6.9%.

Bed occupancy

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Regarding the occupational factor, Greater Mendoza is 52.55% and 45.23% in the entire Mendoza territory. Both percentages also decreased since they had been 58.45% and 49.27% ​​respectively in the previous report.

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