Covid in Mendoza: the historical record of daily cases was registered and the occupation of beds increased

This week they were diagnosed 28,452 new Covid-19 positives, an average of 4,064 daily and 55,353 tests were carried out, also the maximum so far. The average positivity rate between January 7 and 13 was 50.95%. It climbed to 59.92% on January 12.

On the other hand, the percentage of occupancy of critical beds in the private subsector, which includes Covid and other pathologies, it is 90.5% in the Metropolitan area, 55.8% in the East and 60.9% in the South.

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The weekly Covid report in Mendoza from the Association of Clinics detailed that the average positivity reached 50.95%.

Epidemiological indicators of Covid in Mendoza

The epidemiological indicators, according to Aclisa statistics, maintain the tendency to deteriorate. The effective reproductive number (Rt) based on 7 days is 1.70 and the doubling time of infected cases per week is 36.1 days. The previous week they were 2.84 and 95.8 respectively.

The accumulated cases are 211,417, active cases 25,248 and recovered people, 181,474.

So far, the weekly report on Covid in Mendoza reported that 4,695 people have died. Last week 12 deaths were recorded associated with infection.

Meanwhile, the cumulative fatality rate is 2.22%. Per year, that of 2020 was 3.07%; that of 2021, 2.55% and that of 2022, 0.04%, although the latter, due to the short time that has elapsed since the beginning of the year, is still not very significant.

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The weekly report on Covid in Mendoza from the Association of Clinics detailed  what went up  the occupation of critical beds.

The weekly Covid report in Mendoza from the Association of Clinics detailed that the occupancy of critical beds increased.

The accumulated incidence in Mendoza is 10,841.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, that of Argentina, 14,830.7 and the province maintains the 18th position among the rest of the jurisdictions.

The incidence rate of the last 14 days in Mendoza is 2,093.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. Six out of 10 infections occur in people between the ages of 20 and 49.

On the other hand, the mortality rate in Mendoza is 2,407.7 per million inhabitants and that of Argentina is 2,570, it ranks 20th in the world and dropped one position this week.

Vaccination against Covid in Mendoza

In Argentina, there are 33,774,088 people with a complete vaccination schedule, which corresponds to 75.20% of the population. In Mendoza, coverage with one dose is almost total, according to INDEC population estimates, and in minors it reaches half (a little more in children).

With two doses follow as the most lagging behind is the segment between 30 and 39 years old, with a coverage of 77%. Among the rest of those over 18 years of age, between 8 and 9 out of 10 completed the primary scheme

Aclisa’s weekly report on Covid in Mendoza is based on data from the Ministries of Health of the province, the Nation, its own and other local and international sources.

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