Covid: Chile did not register deaths for the first time since March 2020

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This Tuesday, 297 new cases and no deaths from coronavirus were reported in Chile.

The Department of Health Statistics and Information (DEIS) registered 297 new cases on Tuesday and no deaths from coronavirus in Chile, while intensive care bed occupancy is 44%, according to the local media La Nación.

With these latest figures, the total accumulated cases amounted to 1,644,832, of which 1,601,955 are recovered and the total number of deaths from coronavirus in Chile remains at 37,253.

What’s more, Minister Enrique Paris pointed out that to continue with the decline in infections and the delay in the arrival of the Delta variant, There will be changes from October to the borders that have been closed to tourists since April.

Regarding the vaccination campaign, Chile has already fully immunized 72.3% of its population and will begin to do so as of September 27 in children between six and 12 years old with the vaccines from the Sinovac laboratory.

More than 13.2 of the 19 million inhabitants of Chile have already completed their vaccination schedule and Although the WHO does not agree with the application of a third dose, it has already given 2.3 million booster doses to those over 55 and chronically ill, a decision defended by the Chilean Minister of Health.

The pandemic, which had its most serious peak between last March and June and forced to confine 90% of the population again, has been going back for weeks.

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