Covid-19 vaccination in boys and girls in Córdoba: Can the shift be rescheduled?

At the end of last week, notifications began to arrive for vaccination against Covid-19 in children from 3 to 11 years of age in Córdoba.

The inoculations of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, with a confirmed shift, were launched this Sunday, October 10, in different parts of the provincial territory. While on Tuesday 12 they would begin to vaccinate in the schools designated by the health authorities.

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Shift rescheduling

From the Ministry of Health of the province confirmed to cba24n that, in case of not being able to attend the designated shift, there will be a rescheduling. The mechanism will be the same as in vaccination for adults: they will have to wait, without managing a new procedure, for a new date and time to arrive.

How to enroll boys and girls ages 3-11

Since last Tuesday, October 5, the website has been enabled so that fathers, mothers or dependents can register their sons and daughters. After this, they will have to wait for the confirmation of the turn that will indicate the date, place and time to attend.

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