Covid-19: the great relaxation of barrier gestures in the Pays de la Loire

Since the summer of 2021, the Ligériens have relaxed the barrier gestures. (© Archives Julien Sureau / news Nantes)

This is undoubtedly one of the explanations for the resumption of the epidemic of Covid-19 in the Pays de la Loire. Relatively spared during the first waves and especially vaccinated very widely (80%), the inhabitants of the region believed to have gotten rid of the coronavirus definitively and forgot about it. barrier gestures, measures however hammered for nearly two years by the health authorities.

Wearing a mask, washing hands … Since this summer, theadhesion of the Ligériens to the barrier gestures has seen a clear decline as confirmed data from the CoviPrev survey, conducted by Public Health France.

The handshake is making a comeback

For example, only 53.6% of the people questioned declared to wear a mask in public during the last poll carried out in early November against 71.5% in mid-July. Hand hygiene is also in decline with 53% of people “declaring to have washed [leurs] hands systematically over the past few days ”versus 60.1% four months earlier.

The handshake that had almost disappeared in November 2020 is making a comeback quite impressively. Thus, if at the start of the second national confinement, 81.5% of those questioned had declared “to have greeted without shaking hands in a systematic way”, they were only 49.1% according to the latest figures.

In addition, avoiding groupings, face-to-face meetings and ventilation of their housing are also experiencing significant relaxation among the Ligériens.

The example always comes from above

Barrier measures which, combined, greatly participate in the control of the Covid-19 epidemic, however recalled in an interview with Nantes news Professor Didier Lepelletier, Head of the Bacteriology-Hospital Hygiene Department at Nantes University Hospital.

It is still necessary to show the example at the top of the State. The Congress of Mayors of France indeed gave rise, last week, to the organization of festivities, without masks, in several ministries. A few days later, Prime Minister Jean Castex, who had been seen shaking hands with elected officials, was confined, positive for Covid. Officially infected by his 11 year old daughter.

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