Covid-19 outbreak forces the closure of Cesfam de Antofagasta

The Seremi de Salud de Antofagasta, Manuel Herrera, reported today on an outbreak of Covid-19 affecting six officials of the Family Health Center (Cesfam) Doctor Antonio Rendic.

The authorities made the decision to close care waiting for the test results of the rest of the staff.

Our outbreak unit is doing an investigation, because at this moment six positive people have already been detected, “said the seremi.

The authority explained that “depending on the positives, who are already isolated, plus their close contacts “, they are going to make a decision to open again the establishment or that it continues to be closed in a preventive manner.

Today and tomorrow, users will have to pick up their medications at other health centers. (Photo: Dayane Márquez)

The Municipal Corporation of Antofagasta detailed, in a statement, that a active search for cases “in 100 officials who work at Cesfam Rendic and they are awaiting the results of his PCR, which is why this health unit remained closed today “.

“As an immediate measure after the preventive closure, the sanitization of all the dependencies of the health complex “, at the same time that users were asked to “withdraw their medications in Cesfam Norte and Corvallis, while those hours that were scheduled for today and tomorrow, will be rescheduled.”

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