Covid-19 in Argentina: The vaccine combination is safe and generates antibodies

The Ministry of Health of the Nation presented a study in Córdoba where they demonstrated that the combined schemes of the vaccines against the coronavirus were safe and generated antibodies.

“Most of the heterologous schemes evaluated with the vaccines available in the country (AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm and Sputnik-V), have given an immune response equal to or greater than that achieved with conventional schemes”, reported the health portfolio it’s a statement.

On security, the health authorities expressed that “It was shown that the presence of adverse events presented a frequency similar to that observed in conventional or homologous schedules that corresponds to the vaccine administered as a second dose, being slightly lower for those schedules completed with an inactivated virus platform”.

The report was presented in Córdoba, a province that, like Buenos Aires, La Rioja and San Luis, were part of the investigation that summoned volunteers since last July, who have been immunized with a dose of Sputnik V AstraZeneca or Sinopharm to receive the second dose of a heterologous vaccine against Covid-19 including, in addition, the Moderna and CanSino vaccines.

From the health portfolio they reported that now “it remains to complete this preliminary analysis with the results of the samples corresponding to day 28 and a subsequent joint evaluation of the results of humoral immunity and cellular response to be able to arrive at more precise definitions”, they already expressed This study included a sample collection on the day of vaccination and 14 days after receiving the second dose.

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