Court of Appeals issued suspension of the process

The Copiapó Court of Appeals accepted for processing this Friday the protection appeal that sought to stop the process of lithium auction, which the Government is carrying out and has already awarded to two companies.

With this, the higher court ruled order not to innovate; so that the process was suspended bidding for exploitation, exploration and benefit contracts for this mineral.

The Ministry of Mining announced last Wednesday that the companies ByD Chile SpA and Services and Mining Operations of the North SA. they stayed with two of the five installments that were offered, pick up radio dna.

This unleashed the annoyance in the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies; specifically in the opposition, which repudiated the progress of the bidding process in the midst of the legislative discussion and the questioning of the government authorities.

The crossed statements between Boric and Jobet

The day was marked by the response of the biminister of Mining and Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, to the words of the President-elect Gabriel Boric, which described the lithium tender as a “mooring law”.

“This is an exclusive attribution of the Government of Chile in office and we think it is bad news. It reminds me of those mooring laws that were made at the last minute; when a government is already leaving its functions and finally all Chileans are tied up in this case, if I remember correctly, for 20 years,” Boric said on Wednesday.

To which Jobet replied that “we met with the advisers of the President-elect and we agreed to incorporate very reasonable aspects into the tender, which were written verbatim in a minute prepared by the advisers themselves.”

The Secretary of State also stressed that “We accepted all these aspects in this adjudication, because we want Chile to take a long-term view, a State view”.

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