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According to the file, the victim was beaten by agents, including Lieutenant Carlos Arley Totena Giron and the patrolman Darwin Israel Ortiz, and transferred to the hospital, despite claims from other detainees, only until they realized the severity of the injuries. The victim died in the emergency room in the early morning of the next day.

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Now, his defense seeks with an appeal that the Supreme Court of Justice revoke the conviction on the grounds that the exact reason for the death is not confirmed, a fact that prevents an effective relationship between the death with the conduct of the policemen. And because, in his opinion, one of the victim’s injuries would not be compatible with the blows he received by the agents.

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In concept sent to the Supreme Court, The Prosecutor’s Office asked to confirm the conviction by indicating that the actions of the policemen have been proven and that, in fact, Betancur was attacked twice.

“Betancur Jaramillo was the victim of two group attacks, the first one by those convicted today, and the second by other police officers that it was not possible to identify, even when (a witness) gave particular signs of at least two of them”, said the Prosecutor’s office by indicating that there was no misrepresentation of the testimonies by the Court, as the defense also alleges.

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The entity added that, as recognized by the defense of the police, they “mercilessly attacked Betancur Jaramillo, with fists and kicks in different areas of his humanity, such as his face and skull, without this excess of force being justifiable” .

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So serious was the fact that one of the people detained at the station began to cry out for timely medical attention, a request that, the Prosecutor’s Office said, was not addressed until the police officers “saw the seriousness of the detainee’s condition, that led him to be treated, with the consequences already known ”.

The case is in the hands of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.

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