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Sometimes we tend to take the importance of communication in a relationship for granted.. After a year or more in your relationship, you may begin to believe that you have manifested it all and need to shift to more mundane and practical aspects of living your lives together and being just partners, but there is nothing romantic which is unhealthy for you. relationship.

The problem with that is that, without reaffirming love and the commitment from time to time, the romance can disappear. And that, in turn, can lead to complications. This is why you need to make a conscious effort to communicate. Start manifesting these five things to him on a daily basis.

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I hear you

Active listening is the real foundation of happiness in a romantic relationship. Therefore, you should say, as often as you can, these words: “I hear what you are manifesting.” In other words, reassure each other, as communication from just one person is not acceptable in your relationship.

Saying I love you is necessary

Saying I love you is necessary


These two words can be of great help to bring you closer than ever. For every little or big thing your partner does for you, don’t forget to say “Thank you.” Take the time to openly express your gratitude. Appreciation is also key to a satisfying relationship.

We can solve it

These words indicate that you are and always will be a team. Things can get tough, but you are not going to give up to ride it out alone. Even if one of you makes a mistake, you will redeem it by working together.


An apology shows that you are not going to let your ego stop you from acknowledging any mistakes. It also shows that you know that stubbornness cannot bring happiness to any relationship. These simple, yet powerful words can solve many relationship problems.

I love you

You may think that it is quite obvious. However, let’s not forget; We often tend to ignore the obvious things in a relationship. Say these words as often as you can and watch the magic unfold. Complimenting or flirting a bit with your partner can always bring back the excitement.

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Saying the right words is always necessary

Saying the right words is always necessary

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