Councilors of the UCR: “Bolatti confuses the neighbors by involving us in his internal party”

Due to the declarations of the councilman Fabricio Bolatti about the spare parts that the municipal executive will carry out in the Plaza 25 de Mayo, the UCR Block came to answer him demanding that “not lie to the residents of Resistencia.”

“Bolatti holds us responsible saying that because of us the work planned for the Plaza 25 de Mayo was not suspended, this is absolutely false and erroneous”, Teresa Celada, Carla Cantero, Dino Ortiz Melgratti and Carlos Salom began by saying.

“Do not confuse the neighbors, the executive has its powers and responsibilities provided in the charter and that are not our responsibility. They are exclusive to the mayor and they do not respond to the Municipal Council, much less to the UCR block. That it is not clear, what should be the priorities is another issue, because we insist they are political decisions that fall on the mayor, “said the councilors today.

In this context, they explained that “we are aware of them, because we travel through a city that is practically dark in many neighborhoods, the municipality’s service fell a lot, such as the lack of street arrangement, ditching, maintenance of spaces green, all things at this moment more important than a millionaire work in the central square of the city ”.

“It is the political game they are playing and it corresponds to their own intern, but we will not be hostages, since what the Councilor proposes does not conform to due administrative process, since a Council resolution cannot suspend government actions. People are tired of this round trip, that’s why he told them no on September 12, the model is exhausted, the internal partisans are resolved in the parties or in the PASO, “they added.

Regarding the results of the PASO elections, the radical councilors assure that “they did not have a reading of what people told them at the polls and they are using discrediting tricks, precisely the one that is in third place in their list of national deputies without the possibility of being elected and in which there are also members of the political line of Gustavo Martínez, something unusual ”.

To conclude, the councilors of the Radical Civic Union said that “It is the same political game that they play from the Chaco Chamber of Deputies, as they cannot show achievements or solutions to the Chaco people, they work to discredit the rival, and even more so knowing Bolatti who votes one thing and says another in the media” .

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