Corrientes: The Frente de Todos closed alliance and will go with a single ballot in November

This Tuesday, the Frente de Todos registered with the Electoral Justice local alliances in the 15 municipalities that will elect mayors and councilors together with the national elections on November 14.

In this context, the provincial deputy and one of the attorneys of the Justicialista Party in Corrientes, Félix Pacayud, commented that the Forum system did not let them charge after 22:00. “It was an unpleasant and unusual surprise,” he considered.

Then he pointed out that they managed to close an alliance with the 23 parties that are part of the Corrientes de Todos Front.

In addition, he stated that for the municipal elections of November 14, Peronism will go with a single ballot with the aim of retaining the municipalities in which they are today the government.

In Corrientes, the Frente de Todos is made up of the following forces: Justicialista Party, Victory Party, New Encounter for Democracy and Equity, Kolina, De la Concertación – Forja, De la Cultura, la Educación y el Trabajo, Federal Renovador , Labor and People, Christian Democratic Party, Electoral Instrument Party for Popular Unity, Union of the Democratic Center, Federal Party, Correntino Commitment, Faith Party, New Country Party, Corrientes Project, Third Position Party, Celestial and White Union, Politics Open for Social Integrity (PAIS), Our Cause, Communist Party, Popular Change, It is Possible, MILES Party, Agrarian and Social Party, Popular Call, Popular Project (adhere) and Popular Conservative (adhere).

Name of the alliances in each Municipality

Step of the Free: All for Free

Mercedes: Front of All-Solidarity Change

Santa Lucia: Front of All

Loreto: In Front of All

Virasoro: Virasoreño Renovation Front

Santo Tome: Front of All

Cross of Miracles: Front of All

Corner: Front Corner Always with You

San Roque: Let’s Doing the Future

Herlizka: Front of All

San Luis: Front of All

Yofre: Everyone’s Front

San Isidro: Everyone’s Front

Loreto: Everyone’s Front

Itatí: Front of All

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