Coronavirus: the provincial government announced that it opens a new testing center in the north

The provincial government announced this Monday the start-up of a new coronavirus testing center in Rosario, which will operate at school No. 69 “Doctor Carrasco”, on Agrelo 179 street.

The coordinator of Territorial Devices of the Ministry of Health of the province, Sebastián Torres, said at a press conference that the opening that Minister Sonia Martorano had anticipated last week will allow 600 more shifts per day that can already be requested through the province website.

“This place allows people to be comfortable, take care of the sun and high temperatures, and the health teams to be protected,” Torres said and recalled that “no test point is swabbed without a shift.”

The new space was decided to open last week due to the high demand for testing throughout the city due to the increase in infections of the Omicron variant.

In addition, the other test points of the provincial government arranged in different areas of the city work.

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