Coronavirus – Starlinger announces new test strategy

Since the PCR test system is reaching its limits in some regions due to Omikron, Major General Thomas Starlinger, who is a member of the state-wide Covid Crisis Coordination (GECKO), announced a change in the test strategy in the “ZIB Night”. Not everyone will be able to be tested everywhere as before, one will be forced to focus on certain areas and also have to resort to antigen tests.

Outside of Vienna, where the appropriate capacities had been provided, in some regions the limits of the PCR tests were reached, said Starlinger. There you will be forced to set priorities – in the care sector, schools and critical care. And before you don’t test at all, you also have to use antigen tests, which are then valid for a maximum of twelve hours, according to Starlinger.

This is the reaction to the dynamics of a virus that was not predictable. You have to learn the lessons from the current situation and – among other things, this is his job within GECKO – to set up the appropriate test systems so that you no longer get into a situation as we see it now. The establishment of new test capacities would take eight to twelve weeks “if they are very active in their sport,” said the expert. When it comes to PCR and antigen tests, GECKO coordinates very carefully. And the relevant recommendations will be passed on to the federal government. (apa)

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