Cordovan defeats in the Super 20 in Santiago del Estero

Riachuelo took the undefeated from Instituto, in supplementary and by a huge 83-80. Now he was 4-2, more alive than ever in a fierce fight to qualify for Final 8.

The chances are multiple, because the victory of Athens against Olímpico was a shock within the Northern Conference 1. And now everyone has a chance to enter the playoffs, with the Greek, the Negro bandeño and Riachuelo holding the same record (4- 2), and even Quimsa (3-3), who had been somewhat complicated yesterday, also has chances. A fierce fight will be fought in the next three dates that each team will have, but the merit that the Salas team has been doing within a very difficult area is undoubtedly something to highlight.

Insituto started with the intensity that characterizes it and, playing collectively, sought to hurt the rival. From the beginning, Gloria wanted to mark her hierarchy. In the first attack, Nico Romano scored a triple and in the second offense he added a double. It was thus that those led by Victoriano began to build the difference, and achieved a maximum of 9 managing the rhythm of the game. Riachuelo knew how to control the Cordobans and they narrowed the distance to five at the end of the first quarter (23-18).

Federico Elías entered on and made two consecutive triples for Gloria to extend the score. But those led by Fabricio Salas reacted and from Gerlero’s triple, with almost three minutes remaining, they approached the scoreboard and managed to pass to the front.

The party was even from the second half; and the intensity of both did not allow great differences. However, in the third quarter it was the moment for Riachuelo who knew how to take advantage of the declining rival. It bothered the Cordoba team, who felt the fatigue, and went on to get 8 points of difference with 3:19 remaining in the third quarter. Lucas Victoriano looked for answers from the bank and the entry of Nicolás Copello was key for Gloria to respond. He reduced the advantage of the Riojan team and managed to turn it around with the triple of the base.

Cordovan defeats in the Super 20 in Santiago del Estero

The decisive quarter began with the Institute winning by the minimum (65-64). The duel went either way and had an electrifying finale. Both delegations armed themselves in defense and with several errors in their shots they went almost three minutes without scoring. The lack of effectiveness led to the fourth period ending 75-75 and overtime was played at Ciudad. The rival solved the final five minutes of extra time better with an Eric Flor that Gloria could not control. It ended up being a triumph for Riachuelo by 80 to 83, in a new demonstration of what the Riojans can generate in this Super 20.

Quimsa beat Athens 72-63

The merger beat Atenas and opened the scene much more thinking about qualifying for the Final 8. Chuzito González (17 points) and Brussino (13) led the victory from Santiago.

It was literally a time for each one, and the why of that can be detailed in key situations that happened during the night: partial 17-0 in favor of the Fusion between the final minutes of the first quarter and the initial minutes of the second. with the foreign combination Bryan Carabalí and Deltoy James, who stretched to a partial maximum of 33-15; and the 7 minutes without scoring by Green in that game period (Eduardo Gamboa cut the drought at 4.01s from the half term).

But it was not all, since as if it were not enough, those of Sebastián González returned from the break with an 8-0 to stretch differences to 22 (51-29) and fill with questions to those led by Sebastián Saborido, who from the gallery of Omar Cantón got a 10-2 (with two triples) in favor that served as a wake-up slap.

From that moment on, once again the delivery and will of the Greek bound Quimsa. that he did not find the return to what was proposed by the Cordobans and was repeated in errors that he took advantage of tonight. Since that appearance of Cantón (figure with 20 points), the most important part of Green was 26-9 to get just 4 (60-56) with minutes to play.

From there, the decisions, individual arrests, details and effectiveness from the line, would be those that would allow the Fusion to put the victory in its bag at home and continue with hopes of keeping the still elusive second place in the Conference. It was 72-63 and both will return to action on Tuesday in search of victories that continue to fuel their Final 8 chances.

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