Córdoba: with a video, a woman denounces police violence

The incident happened on Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. Giselle works as a delivery and he had to deliver an order in Chacabuco at 35. He arrives at the place, delivers the order and he had two more to deliver at another address.

That’s where the police officer appeared, asked him what he was doing and she replied that she was working.

She had all her documentation in order and called her work to report the situation and that it was delayed. That’s where the tense moment began. The policeman told him to put down his cell phone and he kicked the wheel of the motorcycle violently under his breath.

Report of police abuse in Córdoba (1/2)

Giselle walked away and tells him that she couldn’t touch her and they started an argument. “He throws the bike at me hard and starts repeating ‘why are you throwing the bike on me?’ “, said the victim.

In fact, in the video you can see how he explains to his colleagues that she had thrown the motorcycle on him when in the other video it is clear that this was not the case.

Moments later More officers arrived, eight according to Giselle, and patrols. There the woman demanded that a female police come to the scene: “As soon as she appeared they handcuffed me without giving me the right to call or anythingThey put me on the phone and I am deprived of my absolute freedom. “

Report of police abuse in Córdoba (2/2)

He was one hour on top of the mobile and another hour in Courts II, where they took his data and painted his fingers. “I have two causes, one for injury and another for resistance to authority“, specified the woman.

That plus tAll the night he spent in a dungeon of Courts II, from where it only left at 8 in the morning.

Was it gender violence?

Giselle is a trans woman and expressed that she explicitly received a mistreatment related to their sexual identity:

“The mistreatment of me was humiliating and discriminatory, all the time I was treated as a gentleman. My document says Giselle Molina”

In addition, they still did not return the motorcycle, his work tool and, as if that were not enough, the company for which he worked. he dissociated her after last night’s episode under the pretext of downsizing

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