Córdoba: UTA lifted the strike and the transport service will be normal this Friday

The Union Tranviarios Automotor (UTA) resolved this Thursday to nullify the strike for 24 hours that it had launched for this Friday.

The decision was adopted by the union authorities, after receiving a commitment from the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation to respond to wage claims in the interior of the country.

From UTA Córdoba they confirmed cba24n.com.ar that “the measure is lifted and that the service will be normal this Friday.” “There is a preliminary agreement,” they said.

Precisely, the workers demanded “the same salary increase” that the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) agreed more than a month ago, assuring that they did not receive a response and that is why they decided on the measure that, if implemented, would leave Córdoba without service of urban passenger transport.

However, after the approval of the Transport portfolio to unblock the subsidies, the measure is without effect.

The Communiqué of UTA NACIONAL

Córdoba: UTA lifted the strike and the transport service will be normal this Friday

According to the union communication, Transporte de la Nación will guarantee the increase, while calling a meeting between the union and business representatives, to follow the discussion and try to sign this preliminary agreement.

“In accordance with this, we communicate that it has been decided to lift the measure arranged for tomorrow (on Friday) attending the meeting called according to the state offer made,” concludes the UTA statement.

It should be remembered that earlier this Thursday, it was learned that FATAP had even asked for mandatory conciliation to put a stop to unemployment. However, this instance is without effect after having a preliminary agreement that for now invalidates any measure of force, at least until next week when the parties meet again.

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