Córdoba: mystery after the discovery of a dead couple at their home in Argüello

The tranquility of Wednesday afternoon in the Argüello neighborhood was altered by the dramatic picture that the daughter of a 61-year-old couple encountered when she went to the home of her parents, from whom she had not heard from for several days. Upon arrival, the woman could not enter, although she perceived a strong smell of gas and notified the police, who upon entering came across the lifeless bodies of the man and the woman.

The peculiarity of the case is that the man was found lying on the double bed inside the house, while the woman’s body was in an apartment at the back of it. The incident occurred on Calle Teodoro Richards at 6,300 in the aforementioned neighborhood and the courts are now investigating the circumstances in which the deaths occurred.

According to the sources of the investigation, the marriage was going through a crisis for which they were separated, although they had lived in the same house for some time and the woman had filed a complaint for violence against her husband.

They are Elizabeth Boix and Juan Tiglio, both 61 years old, and the first data from the scene of the deaths rule out the presence of third parties in the place, or evidence that it could be a robbery, although the cause is labeled as “death of doubtful etiology”.

In that framework, the hypotheses about what happened are centered on the possibilities that it was a homicide followed by suicide, although it must be determined in what order the deaths would have occurred.

The circumstance that it could have been a domestic accident, in which both people died from carbon monoxide inhalation, loses force due to the fact that the bodies were found in different places and far from each other. It should be reiterated that the woman’s lifeless body was found in a kind of separate apartment from the house where her husband was found dead.

Given this situation situation, the data provided by the autopsy of the corpses of both members of the couple will be very important, in order to be able to establish whether one of them had any type of wound or not.

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