Córdoba: Mia is 7 years old, suffers from a brain tumor and needs to travel to the United States

Mia is a 7-year-old girl from Cordoba who at her young age suffers from a brain tumor, which was detected in January of this year.

In the first instance, they performed chemotherapy and radiation therapy sessions. However, her health began to deteriorate in recent months as the baby stopped walking and talking.

For this reason, Mía’s parents see that the only viable way out is to travel to the United States to undergo a treatment that promises to cure her.

However, it is very expensive, about $ 350,000, and the family cannot afford it. That is why parents ask for solidarity from the people in order to reach that amount.

The girl’s mother, Jessica Ortiz spoke with Noticiero Doce and explained that without that money they cannot travel. “Even if it’s to start treatment, we don’t want to wait for you to stay here without expectations,” he said.

In this sense, Mía’s mother asked for solidarity from the people: “We hope for everyone’s help so that Mía can stay alive.” “My daughter wants to live,” said Jessica.

How to help Mia

Those who want to collaborate can call 351-7396733. In addition, they can transfer money to CBU 0200931911000020433608. It is a savings bank in pesos in the name of Jessica del Milagro Ortiz.

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