Córdoba disavowed Macri and opened a new opposition scheme

The triumph of Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo in the Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primaries (PASO) opened a new scenario in Córdoba and it will surely have consequences in the national structure of Together for Change.

In the first place, the almost 48 points that JxC garnered in total -including the ballot led by the president of the interblock Mario Negri and the former Minister of Tourism of the Nation, Gustavo Santos– They made it clear that the province continues to be a strong bastion of anti-Kirchnerism, rather than a territory of pure macrism.

The triumph of Juez and De Loredo left Mauricio Macri offside and it opened a wound in the leadership of his space. Córdoba will be a central topic of discussion in the post-electoral balance of JxC.

The former president, who had joked in recent days with the possibility of settling in Córdoba, supported the formula of Negri-Santos. While Patricia bullrich He played hard with Juez and Loredo. With these numbers, the thesis that Córdoba is macrista land par excellence was discarded and its ancestry was diluted to enter candidates and anoint favorites.

In addition, the opposition is set up in Córdoba. Regain strength Judge, which had not won an election since 2009 and was always a conflict hypothesis for Cordovan Peronism. Now he is positioned for the governorship in two years.

Judge who is not new to politics but was an emerging sui generis from the 2001 crisis after facing off against the former governor Jose Manuel de la Sota. Yesterday was again the catalyst for the angry vote.

In the meantime, From Loredo, the most voted candidate of the PASO, is already emerging for the Intendancy and is shown as a pole for 2023. Martin Lousteau It also leaves him as a key piece in the renewal of the leadership of JxC. Provincial Peronism takes note of this, which has a generational window.

The wounded

For his part, Negri was cautious with the defeat. He came out on Sunday night to quickly acknowledge the result. He preferred to focus on the national reading of the defeat of Kirchnerism. A speech that he had already been rehearsing in the days leading up to the campaign. Despite not having won, he promised to accompany the list.

At the national level, the result in Córdoba left open the discussion of the presidency of the interblock of JxC in Deputies. First it has to pass the definition of the Committee of the UCR, and then of the other partners of the coalition. It is a complex scheme of agreements and negotiations, but the truth is that the place to which the current deputy also aspires will be put into play Alfredo Cornejo.

The broad advantage they got Judge and Loredo he even altered the assembly of the lists. Black remained as a substitute in the section of senators and the former mayor of the city of Córdoba Ramón Mestre he was on the edge between being the last of the nine candidates for deputies or the first of the alternates.

The big question is whether this internal dispute that has been going on for two years will continue or will have a vocation for power by 2023.

Peronism and FdT

On the opposite sidewalk, the Peronism of Juan Schiaretti he couldn’t get the photo he wanted. Have the most voted candidates. The consolation prize is that with almost 25 points he consolidated second place and was on the verge of recovering the bench in senators.

It is a vital key for the Cordovan ruling party that can be reached by the wife of the governor and current national deputy, Alejandra Vigo. In the section of deputies, the Cordovan PJ renews three seats. Will search with Natalia de la Sota as the first candidate to reach that figure.

For his part the Front of All He could not pass through the ceiling that he seems to have been condemning for years in Córdoba. Despite having achieved its most Peronist version in years with historical leaders of Cordovan Peronism, it did not reach 11 points and obtained the second worst election in its history in that province.

In the photo of the defeat were the senator Carlos Caserio, the deputy Gabriela Estévez and Olga Riutort. The first candidate for deputy for the FDT, Martin Gill, eluded that image. He stayed in Villa María, his department and the only district where the FdT won.

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