Coparmex fears ‘automotive garbage dump’ after regularization announcement

The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) assured that after the announcement by the federal government about the regularization of vehicles from abroad illegally, known as “chocolate cars”, the country would become an automotive garbage dump.

According to the employer leader, José Medina Mora, regularizing these vehicles goes against the recovery of the country, as it would cause a drop in sales in the national automotive market, while he asserted that it is “to give a blank check to crime.” , because there are mafias dedicated to smuggling these cars.

When describing the act as an attack against Mexican companies and jobs, he explained that “the indiscriminate legalization is a blow to the sector in one of its most adverse moments”, especially if it is considered that from January to September 2021 car sales Light vehicles are 20.7 percent below 2019, while total light vehicle production is 23.8% below pre-pandemic levels.

For his part, the leader of the National Organization for the Protection of National Heritage (Onappafa), José Guadalupe Barrios, celebrated the announcement by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and considered that the entry of cars could increase in the coming weeks.

Guadalupe Barrios assured that it was during the president’s visit to La Laguna last Friday that a meeting was held in which they requested the regularization.

He also pointed out that only in Coahuila there are about 300 thousand “chocolate” cars, of which half are in the Lagunera region.

He explained that to regularize a vehicle, requirements such as property title, voter ID and driver’s license are requested, but now insurance policies and a document that is issued in the United States will also be requested, similar to the cancellation of the car in that country. .

Barrios said that currently the cost of the final regularization or import is around eight thousand pesos, and this depends on the model; the cost can go up to 50 thousand pesos in the border area.

Like Coparmex, the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors (AMDA) described the measure taken by the Presidency of the Republic as a “blow to formal trade”.

The legal import of used vehicles grew 70% and 85% in July and August or 5,655 and 6,493 additional units, respectively.

While the illegal internment of vehicles grew by the same or greater percentage in the hope of being able to be regularized soon, according to the AMDA.

AMLO announced that this Saturday, in Baja California, he will sign a decree to regularize foreign cars that enter the country illegally.

He indicated that the owners will pay a “fair, not excessive” amount that will remain in the states for patching roads, and that the program will start in the seven states bordering the United States.

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